Have you ever heard about “Crossbows” – what are they? Crossbow is weapon that consists of mounted bow that is fixed on a stock, which shoots projectiles. This is also known as bolts.

Crossbows were previously used by the Chinese in the 5th century. This weapon quickly became from one of the important elements especially during warfare – the Warring States period. Usually other bows rely on the force of the archer whereas in crossbow has the force of its own which is gained with the help of mechanical trigger.

Mechanical trigger is helpful as at a time numerous releases can be made even without tiring crossbowman. The crossbows became popular for hunting and royal entourages. At times passes there were few more advancements with the weapon like it was upgraded with multiple-firing crossbows, which were used for military campaigns.

The Chinese were experts with the making of the crossbows. The improvement of crossbows was totally dependent on advanced bronze technology that allowed manufactures to upgrade it with the accurate machined trigger-mechanisms.

With time the crossbow has been improved a lot and has been used widely during wars. It has been helpful in many ways during wartime as it is from one of the powerful weapons.

A cross bow is mounted on a stick like object knows as tiller or stock. There is a mechanism in it which holds drawn bow string. Earlier it had a slot in a stock, down in where the cocked string was placed. Firing crossbows were considered an art. To fire this a vertical rod is thrust up through a hole in the bottom of the notch, thus forcing the string out. Normally this rod is kept perpendicular to a rear facing firing lever called trigger or a tickler.
How does Crossbows Work

As a weapon crossbow was used usually by warriors, vampire slayers. Nowadays it is used by modern hunters. It looks like a hybrid of a bow and a rifle. Similar to bows it utilizes fast movement of string to launch projectiles and has a trigger and stocks. Just like rifles. Some people thinks that inventor of crossbows took certain parts from from a rifle and attached them to a bow.

But crossbows had been since the time guns were not invented. Existence of crossbows was found by Chinese before 2,500 + years, as per some archeologists, while some historian depicts that they were in 2500 BC. Cross bows were found in Mediterranean region by 4th century AD. Romans and Greeks in Europe were the first to use them in these regions, maybe somewhere in around 385 AD.

Cross bows had some basic parts, in both Chinese and in Mediterranean countries. They were bows essentially mounted horizontally on tillers stocks. In both the styles string can be drawn easily. Common device in both of these was a stirrup at the front of crossbow.

Both of these types employed trigger to release the cocked string. Romans crossbows used a rotating nut held in place by a lever, while the Chinese one used hook and levers. As both had a different firing mechanism, historians strongly believe that they were innovated and developed independently.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews

Having grown up on the placid rivers of Oxfordshire, gaining my three star award and basic skills with the BCU, I then moved to Newcastle University and was attempting the Wye, the Dee and some of the rivers of the North-East. After University I found a love for travelling and fell in love with the excellent climate the warm water the beautiful untouched forest and the people of Laos in South East Asia. I loved the hospitality of Laos, the weather and the slower pace of life and of course the cheap price of a beer

I returned to set up rafting trips with a small company on a great 3-4 class river trip taking two days and camping out in a purpose built fishing hut for the night. I first kayaked this river in a perception 3-D and loved it, great forests great rapids with about 18 grade 3 and 4 rapids over the two days with each rapid followed by a long stretch of flat water where you can recover if things go wrong

The trip starts about two and a half hours from the capital Vientiane which border Thailand, or 30 minutes from Vang Vieng, a backpackers retreat. From the main road you cross through a restricted area into Xaysomboun which used to be a Secret CIA base in the Vietnam War. Driving two hours up the mountain we cross to the put-in-point. From here we say goodbye to roads and civilisation, only coming across two or three fisherman over the next two days. You can kayak or raft down the river to our hut where we spend the night in sleeping bags under mosquito nets, which is all stored at location which means we only take food and gear on the trip.

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On the second day you continue down through several grade 4 rapids which can all be scouted and portaged if you don?t think you?re up to it with relative ease. After the last grade 4 rapid we arrived at the Nam Ngum Lake formed by damming the river in the early 70s. At the lake we will have a fishing boat waiting to take us back to the nearest road this trip takes about two hours. Of course there is beer and food waiting on the boat. This is the main commercial trip run by Paddle Adventures (now known as Xplore-Asia)